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Employee Wellness

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Youngstown State University

One University Plaza   

Youngstown, Ohio 44555

Carrie Clyde, Wellness Coordinator

Phone: 330-941-3360

Fax: 330-941-3716

crclyde AT ysu DOT edu

Welcome to Living Well, YSU’s Employee Wellness Program!  Living Well aspires to increase employees knowledge about the relationship between lifestyle and health.  The program will educate and empower employees to help make healthy choices that promote a healthy lifestyle.


Youngstown State University will provide a proactive wellness program to employees by creating an environment that will help to improve their health and health behavior patterns and produce tangible improvements in their use of health care services, reduce health-related costs, and enhance well-being.


The mission of the wellness program is to improve the health status of employees and their spouses/partners by providing opportunities, resources, and support to encourage healthy lifestyle choices.YSU employee wellness American Heart Association

Are you looking for fresh local produce?  A Farm to YSU Membership will allow you to purchase the Farm to YSU shares that include produce grown within a 30 mile radius of Youngstown. The Grow Youngstown Student Organization has acquired funding to subsidize a limited amount of shares. They are able to provide the first week of shares at a $5 discount so that the price of the share is $15 instead of $20. The upcoming week for the Farm to YSU program is April 22nd. The pick-up location for the shares will be in front of Debartolo Hall from 5pm to 6pmPlease bring your YSU ID with you!

Complete the Farm to YSU membership application that is mandatory for all subscribers to fill out. Please email this back to ysugrowyoungstown AT gmail DOT com by April 20th. Also, please click on the following link to sign up for your shares http://www.growyoungstown.org/ysu.html. Deadline to sign up for the April 22nd Farm to YSU week is April 20th.

What you can expect in these shares can be four to five items. These items can be mustard greens, spinach, kale, arugula, lettuce, bok choi, eggs, or asparagus. The shares include seasonal produce, so (weather permitting) we can start to see more of a variety as the season matures.

Feel free to contact Sam Anderson (330) 727-2761 or ysugrowyoungstown AT gmail DOT com if you have any questions or concerns. 

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A Day Of Mindfulness (April 26, 2014 -Lake Metroparks)

Woman's Heart Day & Speakers (May 8, 2014 - Covelli Center)

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