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Department of Physics & Astronomy

A powerful statement about girls and science. (Not an endorsement of Verizon, of course.)

What happens to the frequency (related to pitch) in an open-open tube when the length of the tube gets larger?
Is it higher? Lower? Same?

Dr. Balaz has the answer.

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What is physics? Physics is the foundation of science. It is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. But because everything around us is made up of matter and energy, then physics really explains how things work, from the smallest particles to the structure of the universe.

If you have to ask "why study physics," then you don't get science. But if you want to truly understand the world around you, then welcome to our universe. You'll enjoy it here.


Congratulations to our 2014 graduates!

Six majors in Physics and/or Physics-Astronomy are leaving us and going on to amaze the world (and graduate schools) during Spring and Summer commencements this year.

From left: Chris Karlic, spring; Josh Petrus, spring; MikeAviles, summer; Anthony Mazzocco, summer; and Mike McMaster, spring. Missing: Brandon Latronica, summer.

Get ready world, here they come.


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