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Department of Chemistry

Meet the Faculty and Staff

The YSU Chemistry Department consists of fifteen tenure track faculty in each of the five disciplines of chemistry including inorganic, organic, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry.  The Department also  includes  7 adjunct instructors, 4 support staff, 60 undergraduate chemistry majors, and 30 graduate students.

Please see the faculty listing for more details.  Please see this link for Office Hours Fall 2014

Congratulations to Dr. Timothy Wagner, incoming Chair of the Department of Chemistry

Welcome to Dr. Doug Genna, Organic Chemistry,  New Faculty for Fall 2014


Graduate Student Success Stories
Quick Facts and Figures
  • 1:19 Faculty:Student ratio
  • New PhD Program in Materials Science and Engineering began Fall 2012
  • Department has a strong regional and national reputation for the quality of  preparation for either graduate school or industry
  • Fully equipped Student Computer Lab
  • Recently remodeled Organic & Inorganic Chemistry & Research Labs


Instrumentation in the YSU Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department 
WBSH 5053 
Youngstown State University 
Youngstown, OH 44555 
Phone:  330-941-3663 
Fax:  330-941-1579 
Email:  chemistry AT ysu DOT edu

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Information for Prospective Undergrads

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The Mission of the YSU Chemistry Department

The mission of the Department embraces interdependent aspects of education, research, and service.The mission of the Department embraces interdependent aspects of education, research, and service.  In education, the Department seeks to provide a comprehensive education meeting professional guidelines for students majoring in chemistry at both the baccalaureate and masters levels, to provide high quality educational support for majors with a chemistry component in their curriculum, and to educate the general student body about the vitality and relevance of chemistry as a contemporary science.



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Chemistry Department Announcements
  • Dr. Ruigang Wang has been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation.  See Announcement
  • Dr. Wang is also a Co-PI on another NSF Award
  • Chemistry Master's candidate Sreevani Kalapala received an award for the "Best Environmental Science Research Poster" at the annual Student Symposium on the Environment held last Thursday, December 5th, at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA.
Interesting Classes and Career Opportunities

Learn the basics and dig deeply into chemistry topics that meet your particular interests.  The Chemistry Department at YSU offers a wide variety of electives in addition to the core chemistry courses below. Through small classes and hands-on research, you will develop a deep appreciation for the role chemistry plays in the world and prepare for a successful career.

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry

Please see the undergraduate link for more information.

Chemists study matter in its most basic forms—atoms and molecules. By understanding these building blocks, we search for new ways to organize matter into life-saving medicine, space-age materials, and exciting consumer products. Chemistry majors can pursue rewarding careers in research, industry, medicine, education, and much more.

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