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Dr. Lucy Kerns joined the YSU Math Department as an assistant professor at the beginning of the fall 2014 semester. Before that, she was a part time professor at the university for seven years.

Dr. Kerns came from China to pursue her graduate degrees in statistics. Originally, she was an accounting major, but found more success in securing an assistantship as a stats major.

Dr. Kerns met her husband, Dr. Jay Kerns, while in graduate school. After he got his job at YSU, she soon followed. She said that the faculty and staff at YSU are very friendly, and the students are very hardworking.

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William Hurst is a YSU STEM alum who gets to work at a truly magical place: a chocolate

Hurst started his career at the Hershey’s Company in 1976, a year after he finished his Master of Science in Chemistry at YSU. Soon afterward, in 1984, he received his doctorate from Columbia Pacific University. company.

He now works as a principle scientist for the Hershey’s Company.

“I’ve spent a number of years looking at analytical methods on food safety and nutrition I now provide technical assistance to our regulatory affairs group,” he said.

Hurst described coming to YSU as “serendipitous.”

“I didn’t know what I was going to do or where I was going to go. YSU looked intriguing,” Hurst said. “I enjoyed my time at YSU, and my family enjoyed the time in Youngstown. … I was married when I went there and had two children, so I didn’t get immersed, as you will, as some may have. I ended up with a teaching assistantship so I taught in the Chemistry department.”

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