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University Bursar


University Bursar

Youngstown State University is requiring all students who receive refunds of credit balances on their student account have the money directly deposited into their personal checking or savings account beginning summer 2015.

Students can sign up for direct deposit through the YSU Portal. For step-by-step instructions, go to http://www.ysu.edu/dd-signup . Under the Quick Links heading, click Online Instructions, then sign up for Direct Deposit. Students also can visit the Bursar Office at 227 Meshel Hall for one-on-one help.

Students are encouraged to see the Student One Stop or Bursar Office for help in setting up Direct Deposit. Failure to set up direct deposit may result in delays of refunds. As a reminder Direct Deposit of student financial aid is separate from Payroll Direct Deposit.


Students needing to pay by international wire can now use peerTransfer - saving time and money

Peer Transfer wire service



Students with outstanding balances at the end of the term or who withdrawal during the term and have a balance owing are subject to the following collection actions:

  • Registration and Transcript service blocks prevent students from obtaining their grades, and transcripts.
  • Students enrolled in future terms may be subject to having their classes administratively canceled for non-payment of their previous balance.
  • YSU will attempt to contact the student via e-mail, letters, and calls.  If we are unable to establish an In-House payment plan, the account will be turned over to the Ohio Attorney General as required by state law.  Once an account is turned over to the Ohio Attorney General fees (10% AG fee, 3% Interest, 21% Collection Agency Fee, 25% Special Counsel Fee) will be added to the balance due depending on the actions necessary to collect the debt due the University.  All payment arrangements must be made through their office. 
  • Once in collections with the Ohio Attorney General, under no circumstances may a student be allowed to obtain a transcript or enroll at the University until the entire balance due is paid in full.  In addition, the student will now be considered a pre-pay and must pre-pay for all future terms enrolled.
  • YSU will report the outstanding debt to the major credit bureaus.

In-House payment arrangements

Students with outstanding balances have the option of making payment arrangements with YSU which will keep the account from being reported to the Ohio Attorney General. 

  • In-House payment arrangement will suspend collection activity as long as the student continues to honor a mutually agreeable payment plan. 
  • The In-House payment plan is serviced through Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI). ECSI will bill and accept payments on behalf of YSU. 
  • YSU will not report the outstanding debt to the major credit bureaus as long as the student continues to honor a mutually agreeable payment plan.
  • Three consecutively missed payments will result in the account being turned over to the Ohio Attorney General

 ECSI: Past Due Not Currently Enrolled ONLY

To access your account at ECSI: go to https://borrower.ecsi.net and login using the following information: 

In-House Payment Arrangements Only (for Perkins informaitn click on the left of page Perkins Informaiton).

School Code:  RX |  Account #:  Your nine (9) digit SSN  |  PIN #.

Please call ECSI at 1-888-549-3274 to obtain your user name and pin number

Contact Information: (collection only all others please call our main line at 330.941.3133)

YSU Collection Department: (330) 941-3704 email: bljasinski AT ysu DOT edu

Ohio Attorney General:       (888) 665-5440

ECSI - (888) 549-3274



This tool allows students to estimate tuition, including room/board, for the academic term of their choice.  Students can select to view a tuition estimate by semester or academic year.

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