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ysu surplus

One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44555
Dan Kuzma, Manager
Phone: 330.941.2294
Fax: 330.941.2325
Email: djkuzma AT ysu DOT edu

Click on the RecycleMania logo above to see how YSU is doing in this year's competition!

Get ready for RecycleMania NOW!  The 2014 RecycleMania competition began on February 2, and will end on March 29.  

How can you participate and help YSU better other colleges and universities across the country?  It is simple:

  • Make sure to place your recyclables (beverage cans and bottles & paper and publications) in the recycling bins throughout campus.  
  • If you work in an office on campus, make sure your colleagues are recycling their cans, bottles, and paper/publications in an office bin or in a recycling bin in the hallway.  Make sure to flatten any cardboard boxes and leave near or behind the recycling bins.  

RecycleMania is a friendly competition that helps create awareness and educate the campus community on the benefits of recycling.  Although doing well simply gets YSU positive recognition and maybe some bragging rights, there are certain categories where YSU can win a monetary award, which helps continually improve and expand the current recycling operations on campus!

  • Divert 800 tons of recyclable, reusable, and compostable materials from the landfill.
  • Achieve a 65% waste diversion rate (% of waste recovered for recycling, reuse, and composting).
  • Increase finished compost product for distribution on campus landscaping.
  • Reduce contamination (ex. straws, serviceware, food packaging, etc.) from post-consumer composting collection at Christman.
  • Consolidate waste receptacles and recycling bins to create "waste stations."
  • Increase campus awareness of available recycling opportunities through creative events and promotions.
  • Extend environmental education outreach to local schools and the community.

Recyclable, Reusable and Compostable Materials Diverted From Landfill:

    2012 Waste Diversion rate: 59%
  • 2012: 751 tons
  • 2011: 732 tons
  • 2010: 699 tons
  • 2009: 675 tons
  • 2008: 600 tons
  • 2007: 565 tons
  • 2006: 505 tons
  • 2005: 414 tons
  • 2004: 377 tons
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