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Transcript Request

***Transcript requests received on or after July 2, 2012 will be charged the new fees as listed below in detail.***

$6 for each transcript mailed within the U.S., additional fees apply to transcripts sent internationally.
-Current and former students, as well as alumni, can request an official transcript for academic work completed at Youngstown State University. Please be aware that only the student may request an official transcript. An official transcript will only verify YSU courses completed.  NOTE:  There is an option to order a transcript to be "held for current term grades to be posted" or "held for current term degrees to be posted". Requests for transcripts of courses taken at other institutions should be directed to those institutions.  Please allow extra processing  time during holidays and graduation.

-Current and former students can order transcripts online via:  YSU Transcript Ordering


Rush transcripts to be picked up:
Fee - $12 each.

-Rush transcripts can only be given to the student, unless a third party presents a signed request from the student which includes the student's name, ID number, the student's contact phone number, and the third party's name.

-Rush transcripts are available between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday. Requests made after 4 p.m. will be available the next business day. If it has been 15 years since you attended YSU, please call 330-941-3182 prior to coming to campus, 
as your record could be offline or archived, and these requests take longer to process.

-Please note:  Rush transcripts cannot be processed on dates the university is closed.  Please refer to the academic calendar for a listing of these dates.

-To request a rush transcript by paying with cash,  the student must personally go to the Registration Office in Meshel Hall, complete a  transcript request form, take the completed form to the Student Accounts' Office (Meshel Hall, Payment Windows) pay the required fee, and finally bring the completed request form and the receipt from Student Accounts to the Records Office (Jones Hall, Room 1013). Records staff will prepare the transcript for the student at that time.

-To request a rush transcript by paying with credit card or electronic check, the student must go to the Records Office, Jones Hall, to complete a  transcript request form and pay using the online Registrar's Store. 


Overnight mailing of transcripts:
Fee - $35 each

-Requests must be received by 1:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) to be processed and sent on that same business day. Requests made after 1:00 p.m. will be processed the following business day.  If it has been 15 years since you attended YSU, prior to coming to campus, please call 330-941-3182 as your record could be offline or archived and take longer to process.

-Please note:  Overnight transcripts cannot be processed on dates the university is closed.  Please refer to the academic calendar for a listing of these dates.

-To request an overnight mail transcript, the student should call the Records Office (330-941-3182) before sending the transcript request form to confirm that that are no holds on their record. Once cleared of any holds on the record, the student should fax the completed and signed YSU Transcript Request form.  After the student faxes the form to 330-941-1408, they should call the Records Office (330-941-3182) to make sure we received the fax and we will provide the Student with payment instructions via the online Registrar's Store. 


  • Students who do not have access to a fax may personally come to the campus to complete the transcript request form and make payment at the Records Office.
  • An official transcript will be sent via UPS NEXT BUSINESS DAY SERVICE upon payment of the OVERNIGHT TRANSCRIPT EXPRESS FEE before 1:00 p.m.  UPS will NOT deliver to a post office box; therefore, a street address must be provided. Overnight mail requests received after 1:00 p.m. will be processed and mailed the following business day. 

    Please Note:  


  • After official transcripts are processed, they can NOT be faxed.
  • Official transcripts can NOT be released if a FINANCIAL or ADMINISTRATIVE hold exists.
  • RUSH services may require 24 hour-turn around-time if the on-line record has been archived.


The university recently updated their computer system in 2008.  Links to an explanation of transcript legend/key and recent department abbreviation changes are below:

Departmental Abbreviation Changes (2008)

Transcript Key


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