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Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) that YSU has adopted and standardized on is Blackboard. YSU’s Blackboard system is hosted off-site and provides a system that is “highly available” for faculty and students. The production YSU Blackboard system is updated on a regular basis after extensive testing is done on our “test” system. Normally the updates and/or upgrades are scheduled during the Winter break.

By default all new faculty members are given access to Blackboard and faculty members can login to the system using their “MyYSU” User ID and password by clicking on the following link:
https://ysu.blackboard.com. Workshops are offered through the Instruction Technology Center (ITC) on how to use the system. Faculty members can also have their Blackboard courses from other institutions restored to the YSU Blackboard system by contacting the ITC.

Self Paced Tutorials and other instructional videos are available at the On Demand Learning Center for a number of topics including Understanding & Building Your Course, Communicating & Collaborating, and Assessing Learners. The On Demand Learning Center can be accessed by clicking on the following link: http://ondemand.blackboard.com.

How to Copy a Course 

  1. On the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click Course Copy.
  2. Select the appropriate option:
    • Copy Course Materials into a New Course
    • Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
    • Copy Course with Users (Exact Copy)
  3. In the Destination Course ID field, type a Course ID for the new course that will be created and populated with content from the current course. Please make sure that the new Course ID matches the naming convention used at the Institution. Also, the Course ID should not have any spaces or characters other than numbers and letters (A-Z), dash (-), underscore (_), and period (.). The Course ID must be unique and remain static. Once the copied course has been created, the Course ID cannot be edited.
  4. If you selected Copy Course Materials into a New Course or Copy Materials into an Existing Course, select the course materials that you want to copy over to the new or existing course.
    • Note:  A course copy operation cannot be completed if you do not select at least one of the following areas: Content, Staff Information or Settings. If none of these options is selected a warning is displayed.
  5. Select the option to copy links to Course Files or Include all Course Files.
    • Note:  There are permissions constraints. You will need to have Manage permissions on an item to include copies of those files. If you do not have this permission, you may be missing some files after the copy.
  6. Select the Folder for Content Collection Files (if applicable).
  7. Select Enrollments to copy the list of users in the course. User records, such as discussion board posts, grades, and assessment attempts will not be copied. User records are only copied if the Copy Course with Users (Exact Copy) option is selected.
  8. Click Submit.

Media & Academic Computing

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