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Information about Bethany College Faculty Scholarly Activities.

Academic Department/Programs with Chairs 2004-2005

Ahlseen, Dr. Mark - Associate Professor of Economics
Bales, Dr. Eugene - Academic Vice President, Professor of Religion/Philosophy
Bishop, Genevieve - Part-Time Instructor in Music (Piano)
Bishop, Roger - Associate Professor of Psychology 
Boyd, Ms. Cindy - Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
Carlson, Robert - Professor of Accounting/Business
Claassen, Dr. Thomas - Director of Bethany Academic Support Services.
Delphenich, David - Assistant Professor of Physics
Dody, Ms. Teresa - Assistant Professor of Music - Education & Vocal
Eckstrom, Dr. Vance - Professor Emeritus, Part-Time Instructor of Religion
Elmquist, Marla - Part-Time Instructor in Education
Englund, Dr. Charles - Professor of Chemistry
Figg, Dr. Joseph - Part-Time Instructor in Music (Voice)
Gentine, Paul - Assistant Professor of Business
Harmon, Karen - Part-Time Instructor in Music (Flute)
Higbee, Dr. David - Professor Emeritus, Part-Time Instructor in Music (Saxophone)
Hildenbrand, Kasee J., MS, ATC - Athletic Training Academic Program Coordinator -
     Athletic Trainers
Holmquist, Dr. Marlysue - Assistant Professor of Education
Isaacson, Dr. Carl - Associate Professor of Communication 

Johnson, Debra - Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Kahler, Dr. Bruce - Professor of History

Kahler, Caroline - Associate Professor of Art (basketry, ceramics, education, jewelry)
Kay, Mary - Associate Professor of Art (Spring-Drawing, Painting, Printmaking)
Korenman, Dr. Mikhail - Part-Time instructor of Chemistry
Korenman, Dr. Tamara V. - Coordinator of International Programs and Recruiting - and
     Part-Time Instructor of Social Geography 
Kozubowski, Dr. Mark - Associate Professor of Biology
Kranzler, Dean - Part-Time Instructor in Music (Percussion) 
Latham, Kiersten - Part-Time Instructor of Anthropology/Social Geography
LeGault, Greg - Assistant Professor of Theatre 
Lewis, Dr. Linda - Professor of English
Lockyear, Dr. Loranelle - Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
MacLennan, Dr. Ron - Associate Professor of Religion 
Mahraun, Dr. Daniel - Assistant Professor of Music (Vocal, Choral) 
Masterson, Dr. Daniel - Assistant Professor of Music (Piano)
May, Trent - Part-Time Instructor in Physical Education; Women's Basketball Coach 
McDonald, Dr. Mark - Associate Professor of Biology
McFall, Dr. Kelly - Assistant Professor of History
Mohler-Spear, Barbara (Rytych) - Professor of Business
Moll, Ms. Melissa - Assistant Professor of Music, Organ
Murphy, Dr. John - Professor of Mathematics
Neufeld, Hannah - Part-Time Instructor in Music (Voice)
Norlin, David - Associate Professor of Social Work
Oleen, Clair - Assistant Professor of Physical Education; Men's Basketball Coach
Pierce, Greg - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Pigge, Dr. Joyce - Professor of Political Science
Pogue, Ed - Assistant Professor of Art (Sculpture, Design)
Porter, Diana - Assistant Professor of Education
Postier, Michelle - Part-Time Instructor of Music
Presley, Margaret - Associate Professor of Social Work
Roberts, Sharon - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Shaw, Frank - Assistant Professor of Art - (Fall - Drawing, Painting)
Sickler, Ron - Associate Professor of Business/Technology
Smith, Douglas - Part-Time Instructor in Criminal Justice
Steinberg, Jay - Part-Time Instructor of Music (Clarinet)
Talbott, Doug - Assistant Professor of Music (Brass, Music Education)
Texley, Bruce - Professor of Business
Thorstenberg, Roger - Professor Emeritus of Music (Trumpet)
Turner, Jim - Part-Time Instructor of Art (Photography)
Walker, Dr. Glenn - Assistant Professor of Education (Director of Secondary Education)
Yorton, Bryan - Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Academic Departments/Programs with Chairs 2004-05

FINE ARTS DIVISION Doug Talbott (Asst Prof)
Art -- Caroline Kahler (Assoc Prof)
Music Dr. Dan Masterson (Asst Prof)
Discipline without Department/Chair
Theatre Greg LeGault -- faculty member (Asst Prof)

HUMANITIES DIVISION -- Dr. Ron MacLennan (Professor)
English/Communication -- Dr. Linda Lewis (Professor)
(English/Communication includes Foreign Language)
Religion/Philosophy -- Dr. Bryan Yorton (Asst Prof)
History / Political Science Dr. Joyce Pigge (Professor)
(History in Humanities Div; Political Science in Social Science Div)

SCIENCES DIVISION Dr. Mark McDonald (Assoc Prof)
Biology / Chemistry Dr. Charles Englund (Professor)
Mathematics / Physics Dr. John Murphy (Professor)
Psychology Roger Bishop (Assoc Prof)

SOCIAL SCIENCES DIVISION Barbara Mohler-Spear (Professor)
Economics/Business Robert Carlson (Professor)
Education Dr. Marlysue Holmquist (Asst Prof)
Physical Education/Health Deb Johnson (Asst Prof)
History / Political Science Dr. Joyce Pigge (Professor)
(History in Humanities Div; Political Science in Social Science Div)
Social Work / Criminal Justice David Norlin (Assoc Prof)

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