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Educational Objectives

The Program objectives were initially developed after compiling input obtained through meetings, interviews, and surveys from our major constituency groups. These groups include the current program students, the program alumni, and the employers of our graduates. The objectives were then iteratively reviewed and modified by the entire Mechanical Engineering faculty and the Industrial Advisory Board until final approval was obtained from both groups.  Feedback from our constituents is an integral part of the review and revision of these objectives.  As such they are reviewed annually by the faculty and advisory board; every third year by our students, alumni, and employers of graduates.

The Mechanical Engineering Program Educational Objectives are:

  • The Program will provide an educational environment rich in opportunities for students to obtain the knowledge and skills that will prepare its graduates for successful careers as a mechanical engineer or for advanced studies.
  • The Program will provide a comprehensive education for students to be able to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems by applying fundamental knowledge of mathematics, basic and engineering sciences, and by utilizing modern techniques, methods, skills, and tools.
  • The Program will provide a strong technical education for students to be able to design a system, components, or process to meet the desired needs, as well as to design and conduct experiments, and to analyze the acquired data and interpret the results.

Through the University’s General Education Program, the Program will provide a general education, complementary to its technical education, for students to be able to function on:

  • Multidisciplinary teams
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand the impact of engineering in a global and societal context
  • Professional ethics
  • Contemporary issues in engineering practice
  • The necessity of life-long learning
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