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Dr. Matthias Zeller

e-mail: mzeller AT ysu DOT edu
WBSH 5026

Dr. Matthias Zeller

(full Curriculum Vitae)

Research Staff Scientist
Crystallographer & Adjunct Professor

Senior Scientist - STarBURSTT- CyberDiffraction Consortium

Co-Editor Acta Crystallographica E

Pre-Diploma (eq B.S.), Diploma (eq M.S.), PhD: Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany 1994, 1998, 2000

Post-doctoral: Masschusetts Institute of Technology 2001, Youngstown State University, 2002-2004

Research Interests: Single Crystal X-ray diffraction, organometallic chemistry, phosphorous chemistry, electrochemistry, epr spectroscopy

Dr. Zeller is lead Scientist of the YSU Instrumentation & Structure Facility YSU S&CIF and
Senior Scientist at the STarBURSTT- CyberDiffraction Consortium. He also chairs the YSU S&CIF X-Ray Facility User Group and is Co-editor of Acta Crystallographica (Section E, Structure Reports Online).

Dr. Zeller has currently 240 peer reviewed publications with several more in progress. Please see his current Curriculum Vitae for a full listing.
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