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Dr. Clovis A. Linkous

Dr. Clovis A. Linkous

Associate Professor

e-mail: calinkous AT ysu DOT edu
WBSH 5001

B.Sc.: Chemistry and Physics, Purdue University 1976

Ph.D.: Chemistry Michigan State University, 1983

Research Interests: Batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis; Fabrication and characterization of solid polymer electrolytes; Kinetics and mechanisms of semiconductor photochemistry; Hydrogen energy systems; The organic solid state; Photocatalytic chemistry; advanced oxidation technologies

   Dr. Linkous studies advanced membrane electrolyte technology for water electrolysis and fuel cells, hydrogen storage cycles, and photochemistry of semiconductor particulates, with an overall objective of using solar energy to perform useful chemistry. Specifically, he studies kinetics and mechanisms of photochemical reactions on metal oxides such as TiO2 and WO3, and on organic pigments such as perylenes and phthalocyanines. While initial emphasis was on water decomposition to produce hydrogen and oxygen, it later developed into an interesting scheme for inhibition of algae growth. In addition to water decomposition, Dr. Linkous has also examines photochemical decomposition of hydrogen sulfide, a major pollutant resulting from oil refinery operation. In the area of fuel cell electrolytes, he investigates wholly aromatic sulfonic acid polymer electrolytes as substitutes for expensive perfluoroalkyl materials. His hydrogen storage work has involves the use of alkali metal borohydrides for H2 generation and subsequent recycling of the spent material. Dr. Linkous has lectured widely on aspects of hydrogen energy, particularly photocatalysis and associated oxidation processes.
Dr. Linkous is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Electrochemical Society, and is active in the International Association for Hydrogen Energy. He has served as reviewer for numerous journals, including Journal of Physical Chemistry, and Chemical Physics Letters. He has also served as proposal reviewer for agencies such as DOE, DARPA, and AFOSR.

Selected Recent Publications:    

Linkous, Clovis Alan; Slattery, Darlene Kay; Nangle, Danielle Delong.  Catalysts for the evolution of hydrogen from borohydride solution. U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. 2005, 10 pp.

Linkous, Clovis A.; Huang, Cunping; Fowler, J. Randy. UV photochemical oxidation of aqueous sodium sulfide to produce hydrogen and sulfur. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, A: Chemistry 2004, 168(3), 153-160.

Linkous, Clovis A. Photocatalytic microorganism growth inhibitors. U.S. 2002, 8 pp.
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