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Carl Chuey
Evolution and Ecology
Curator of the Herbarium

cfchuey AT ysu DOT edu
WBSH 4001

B.S.   Youngstown State University, 1966
M.S.   Ohio University, 1969
Ph.D. Program   Ohio State University - 24 quarter hours
Ed. D.   Ohio Christian College (Honorary), 1971


Research Interests

The Herbarium of Youngstown State University, founded in 1965, is currently the 4th largest herbarium out of more than 35 herbaria in Ohio. The specialty of YSU's herbarium is pteridophytes, which account for 20% of the collection. The geographic strength of the collection is Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia but all 50 states and 9 Canadian provinces, as well as 91 other countries are represented. In 2008, the herbarium reached 100,000 specimens.

Selected Publications

Chuey, Carl F. 2000. Pteridophyte Distribution by Township in Venango County, Pennsylvania. Bartonia. 61:131-136. 2002.

Chuey, Carl F., Isaac, B.L. 1996. The Asteraceae of Ohio - Missed Records. The Michigan Botanist 35 (2):115-18.

Chuey, Carl F. 1995. Review of the Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania: Annotated checklist and Atlas. Ann. Carnegie Museum 64(3): 251-252.

Chuey, Carl F. 1995. Equisetum sylvaticum. The Michigan Botanist 34 (2): 87.

Chuey, Carl F. 1992. Regnellidium in Ohio. Laisch - Herb. Pub. of YSU 5:1-2.

Chuey, C.F., Atwood, J.J. Additional County Records and Confirmation to the Moss Flora or Ohio. Evansia. 21:1. Feb. 2004.

Chuey, C.F., Isaac, B.L., Isaac, J.A. Ophioglossum Distribution in Pennsylvania. Bartonia. 62:45-54. 2004.

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