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Dr. Margaret Briley

Dr. Margaret L. Briley, Assistant Professor: B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1976; M.Ed., Georgia State University, 1981; Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1999.

Research Interest: Deafblind, low incidence disabilities, and autism with a focus on communication and social interaction.

Email:mlbriley AT ysu DOT edu
Office: BCOE 3306
Phone: 330-941-3256

Extended Teaching Service (ETS) Faculty

Marianne K. Dove, Ph.D.., Kent State University, 1986

Sally Lewis, Ph.D.., Kent State University, 1999

Part Time Instructors

In addition to core Special Education program faculty, several teachers and professionals in the community are appropriately trained, licensed, and/or credentialed in specific areas.  Part time instructors provide an important role in the development of Special Education students.


Michelle Elia, MA, Walsh University

Lori Kopp, M.S., Youngstown State University

Ruth Locke, M.S.Ed., Youngstown State University

Patti Krivosh, M.Ed., Kent State University

Sallie Kumik, M.S.Ed.., Kent State University

Laura McBride, M.S.Ed., Youngstown State University

Sara Revetti, M.S.Ed., Youngstown State University

Deborah Ridel, M.S.Ed., Youngstown State University

Cheryl Saculla, M.S.Ed.., Youngstown State University

Lori Saunders, M.S., Kent State University

Julie Statts, M.Ed., Indiana University


Retired/Emeritus Faculty


Several faculty members have made a significant impact on the special education students and the YSU Special Education program over our history.  The following are core program faculty who retired as special education program faculty. They are recognized and honored for their service to the counseling program and community.

Dr. Bernadette J. Del’Arco Angle (1982-2007), Faculty Emeritus

Ph.D., University of Akron, 1980


Dr. Marianne Dove (1994-2013), Professor/Faculty Emeritus

Ph.D., Kent State University, 1986


Dr. Jack D. Dunsing (1971-1992), Professor/Chairperson Emeritus

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 1959


Dr. M. Dean Hoops (1971-1996)

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1969


 Dr. Sally Lewis (2004-2014), Faculty Emeritus

Ph.D., Kent State University, 1999


Dr. Robert T. Nickelsburg (1974-1996)

Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado, 1970


Dr. Leonard L. Schaiper* (1987-2007), Faculty Emeritus

Ed.D., University of Tennessee, 1983


Dr. Charles L. Smith* (1968-1986), Professor Emeritus of Special Education

Ed.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1968


Dr. Nancy S. Sweeney (1991-2006), Faculty Emeritus

Ph.D., Kent State University, 1991




Special Education professors


  Dr. Sung Hee Lee, Assistant Professor: B.S., Dankook University; M.Ed., University of Iowa; Ph.D., University of Washington.

Research Interest: The application of speech recognition technology for remediating the writing difficulties of students with learning disabilities, online writing support, literacy-related interventions, and technology interventions in Special Education.

Email: shlee AT ysu DOT edu
Office: BCOE  3401
Phone: 330-941-7240



Jen Vaschak Jen VaschakAssistant Professor:  B.S., Ohio University, 1992; M.S., Youngstown State University, 2001.

Research Interest: Cross-curricular interventions, Behavioral managment, Restorative justice issues

Email: jvaschak AT ysu DOT edu 
Office: BCOE  3403
Phone: 330-941-1931










Assistant Professor earned a master’s degree in
Special Education from Dankook University, a master’s degree in Speech Pathology and
Audiology from the University of Iowa, and a doctorate degree in Special Education from the
University of Washington












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