CLASS College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Youngstown State University
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Italian BA Curriculum  

B.A. in Italian

 (All courses listed are 4 semester hours.)
All four of the following courses are required
ITAL 2605  Advanced Intermediate Italian                       
ITAL 3702 Intensive Italian Review                       
ITAL 4880   Italian Conversation and Composition Capstone                         
Five of the following seven courses
ITAL 3724 Italian Linguistics and Phonetics                       
ITAL 3735
Italian Civilization                         
ITAL 3740
 Survey of Italian Literature 1                        
ITAL 3741  Survey of Italian Literature 2                        
ITAL 3750 Contemporary Italian Literature
ITAL 3760 Literary Representations of 19th Century Italy                        
ITAL 3798
Study Abroad in Sicily

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