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Youngstown State University
Philosophy & Religious Studies
Dr. Bache  

Dr. Chris Bache 

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies 

DeBartolo Hall, Room 406 

Youngstown State University 

Youngstown, OH 44555 





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Articles and talks available online 


Stepping into the Fire (IONS Review, Issue 59, March-May 2002)


The Noetic Core of Sustainability (IONS Review, Issue 57, September-November 2001)


Is the Sacred Medicine Path a Legitimate Spiritual Path?(The Scientific and Medical Network)


Mysticism and Psychedelics: The Case of the Dark Night (The Primal Psychotherapy Page)


A Reappraisal of Teresa of Avila's Supposed Hysteria (The Primal Psychotherapy Page)


Excerpts from Dark Night, Early Dawn (SUNY Press, 2000)


Talk: The Individual and Matrix Consciousness (MP3).


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