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Advising Process
Advising Process  

What is advising (vs. registration)?

Students meet with advisors (academic advisors or faculty advisors) to discuss their academic interests, degree and major requirements, opportunities for growth, and to set up or establish a plan to complete their degree in a timely manner. Registration is the process a student completes by signing up for coursework for the next academic term. Advisors do NOT register students—they only advise. ONLY the student can register him or her self.

Who must meet with an advisor?

All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor at least once a year to ensure they maintain progress. Students who MUST meet with an advisor include: All incoming first-term YSU students (incoming freshmen or incoming transfer students), freshmen, students who have been conditionally admitted to the University, high school students taking college coursework (CCP), student athletes, and students who are on probation or warning.

When do I meet with my advisor?

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor anytime of the year to discuss resources, clarify requirements, or anything else! For registration purposes students should meet with an advisor BEFORE their scheduled registration date. You will NOT be able to register if you must meet with an advisor (see above) and have not done so.

Where is my advisor?

If you are a:

  • First-term freshman at YSU in CLASS (you have not yet started taking classes at YSU)
  • First-term transfer student at YSU in CLASS (transfer students must make an appointment by calling 330-941-3413, please make sure you let us know you are a first-term/incoming transfer student when you call)
  • Undetermined/undeclared student in CLASS
  • Associate in Arts student
  • Liberal Arts & Social Sciences CCP  student…
  • then you must meet with an advisor in the Division of Academic Advising, DeBartolo Hall, Room 121/122. All current students are seen on a walk-in basis between the hours of 8:00am-4:00pm. First-term transfer students must make an appointment.

If you are a:

  • CURRENT student (currently attending YSU or have within the last year and have not attended another institution) with a declared major in CLASS…
  • then you should meet with advisors from within your declared major. For example, if you are a psychology major you will meet with a psychology faculty advisor, if you are an English major you will meet with an advisor from the English Department. Students with declared majors should first contact their major department to determine the advising procedures (walk-ins, appointments, sign-up sheets, etc).

What does my advisor expect from me?

  • To accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • To research your areas of interest including YSU programs and degree requirements.
  • To plan ahead. Get advised early before the rush. This will give you adequate time to ask questions and get feedback.
  • Please come prepared for your advising sessions with your questions and concerns.
  • To follow up on referrals and keep your advisor informed of the outcomes.
  • To use all available campus services as necessary (Writing Center, Center for Student Progress, Reading & Study Skills Center, etc.)

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