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Orientation Services


New students will begin to discover and pursue intellectual depth and a strong commitment to learning. Students should also begin to seek out opportunities to engage and become a part of the university community and explore the rich culture and diversity at YSU.


New students should make it a priority to develop relationships with other students, faculty, and staff and take advantage of the extensive support system at YSU. Students should also be aware of the locations and services offered by the academic support services including: The Center for Student Progress, Math Assistance Center, Reading and Study Skills Center, and the Writing Center.


At orientation, students begin the journey of self-discovery and assume more control over their journey.  Students will partner with an academic advisor during advisement and registration to determine academic goals and pursuits.  New students should leave orientation excited about the potential to learn and the ability to succeed as a new member of the YSU community.

EARLY-SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration)

  • First-year undergraduate students attending the fall term who apply and are accepted by February 15 will receive an invitation by mail to attend EARLY-SOAR.   
  • EARLY-SOAR program dates are scheduled in March.
  • Students interested in attending YSU for the fall term who apply and are accepted after February 15 will be mailed an inviation to register for a fall SOAR date in June, July or August.

Welcome to YSU!

Welcome to Youngstown State University - YOUR University.  YSU offers a wide variety of services and programs to help develop leadership, facilitate involvement, and provide recreation, relaxation, and educational support.  Allow the faculty, staff and administration at YSU to assist you as you pursue your goals and dreams!

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Connect to YSU

Your Peer Mentor will lead the way!

  • Your Peer Mentor is a current Youngstown State University student who has been hired and trained to serve as a guide to all new and transfer students; their goal is to help every student become successful at YSU.

Why should you see your Peer Mentor?  

  • Peer Mentors understand the challenges of transitioning to a new college and can offer insight to ensure that you have a smooth transition.
  • Students who meet with their Peer Mentor feel more connected to the University and, therefore, have a more enjoyable experience.
  • Sign up for a Peer Mentor 


  • All first-term incoming transfer students must be advised before registering. 
  • Click here to find your advisor.


Center for Student Progress (CSP) 

The Center for Student Progress is YSU's College Success Place.  It is designed to actively intervene in the lives of students and to assist them in achieving academic and social success in college.  The CSP works to cultivate the skills of new students, expand the skills of developing students, and enhance the skills of exceptional students.

Services offered include:  Adult Learner Services, First-Year Student Services, Orientation Services, Multicultural Student Services, Disability Services, Student Tutorial Services, and Supplemental Instruction Services.  Click here to access the CSP website.

Writing Center 

The Writing Center at YSU is a free resource for student, faculty, and staff who want one-to-one guidance with their writing.  The Center's goal is to help clients become more independent, confident, and successful writers.  Click here to access the Writing Center website.

Mathematics Assistance Center 

The Math Center is an academic support service.  Its mission is to offer YSU students assistance in the strengthening of their fundamental math skills.  Services provided include one-on-one or group tutoring, as well as the provision of resource materials for  the independent study.  Click here to access the Mathematics Assistance Center website.

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration)

  • First-year undergraduate students are required to attend a SOAR session prior to academic advising and class registration.
  • If required, students must also complete placement testing prior to attending SOAR.


TSO (Transfer Student Orientation) 

  • A half-day program specifically for transfer students
  • Provides a connection to the Center for Student Progress and Peer Mentor staff 
  • Thorough introduction to University resources and services
  • Students should contact their academic college for advisement and registration prior to attending a TSO session

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