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Why Journalism

If you just look at headlines, now may not seem like the ideal time to major in journalism. Newspapers are downsizing. Television stations are laying off and merging. Many radio stations no longer run local news.

But there has never been a better time to study journalism.

With the explosion of available information, people now need and want credible information. They need what journalists do and there are more venues now than at any other point in history for how to disseminate that information.

So, if you are thinking about a career in journalism today, you are smart.

But be prepared. This is not the journalism of yesterday.

While still loyal to the basic principles of giving people accurate and reliable information that they need to make decisions about their lives, journalism has changed in how news is delivered.

Ink and newsprint are virtually obsolete.

Instead, you will be telling stories with video cameras and still cameras and you will be getting story tips from readers and linking to other people's reporting.

The world of modern journalism is all about innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.


Why Journalism at YSU

At Youngstown State University, we understand the importance of journalism in society.

With a hands-on teaching philosophy and a strong belief in practical experience, YSU journalism instructors train students for careers in journalism. We also train students to be entrepreneurial in their thinking about how to apply their journalistic skills. From the basics of news judgment to more sophisticated ethical decisions, YSU journalism majors graduate with the skills to land jobs, build careers and most importantly, report important stories in all media platforms.

We keep close watch on trends in the industry and are always eager for ways to integrate new ideas and technologies into what we teach.

We are also deeply committed to innovation and experimentation.

We work hard to help our students gain professional experience and routinely help them get their work broadcast or published by local, state and national media.

Reporters and editors from numerous legacy and new media organizations, from The Vindicator and The New York Times to ProPublica and WFMJ Television, offer us regular feedback about our program and what we need to be offering students.


Field Experience Projects

We have taken students to Sago, WVa., Allentown, Pa, Dallas, New York City, Susquehanna, Pa. and Virginia Beach to report stories.


The News Service Initiative

In Fall 2009, Youngstown State University's journalism major launched www.TheNewsOutlet.org, an award-winning investigative reporting organization.

TheNewsOutlet.org, a collaboration between The Vindicator, The Akron Beacon Journal, WYSU-FM, Rubber City Radio, Kent State University and The University of Akron, gives students a chance to report, write and produce investigative stories for media organizations.

The interns who work with TheNewsOutlet have uncovered troubled conditions at area nursing homes, questionable procedures involving how gas and oil taxes are being collected and dozens of other important stories addressing.

For more information about the news bureau, e-mail Alyssa Lenhoff or Tim Francisco.

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