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Graduate Degree Program Learning Outcomes


Graduate Degree Programs  Contacts Departmental Website           Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering  Dr. Timothy Wagner Program Site     Doctor of Education  Dr. Chuck Vergon Program Site     Doctor of Physical Therapy  Dr. Nancy Landgraff Program Site     Educational Specialist in School Psychology  Dr. Richard VanVoorhis Program Site           Master of Business Administration  Ms. Monique Bradford Program Site     Master of Computing and Information Systems  Dr. John Sullins Program Site     Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)  Mr. Chris Barzak Program Site     Master of Health and Human Services  Dr. Joseph Lyons Program Site     Master of Music  Dr. Tedrow Perkins Program Site     Master of Public Health  Dr. Keisha Robinson Program Site     Master of Respiratory Care  Ms. Mary Yacovone Program Site     Master of Social Work  Dr. Melody Hyppolite Program Site       Master of Arts         American Studies  Dr. Dolores Sisco Program Site     Art Education  Dr. Samuel Adu-Poku Program Site     Economics  Dr. Ebenge Usip Program Site     English  Dr. Steven Brown Program Site     Financial Economics  Dr. Ebenge Usip Program Site     Gerontology  Dr. Daniel Van Dussen Program Site     History  Dr. Brian Bonhomme Program Site     Interdisciplinary Communication  Dr. George McCloud Program Site       Master of Science         Applied Behavior Analysis  Dr. Stephen Flora Program Site     Biology  Dr. Mark D. Womble Program Site     Chemistry  Dr. Sherri Lovelace-Cameron Program Site     Criminal Justice  Dr. John M. Hazy Program Site     Environmental Studies  Dr. Felicia Armstrong Program Site     Mathematics  Dr. Jamal Tartir Program Site       Master of Science in Education         Counseling  Dr. Matthew Paylo Program Site     Educational Administration  Dr. Chuck Vergon Program Site     Educational Technology  Dr. Lenford Sutton Program Site     Teacher Education  Dr. Dora Bailey Program Site     Special Education  Dr. Joanne Franks Program Site       Master of Science in Engineering         Civil/Environmental & Chemical Engineering  Dr. Scott C. Martin Program Site     Electrical and Computer Engineering  Dr. Jalal Jalali Program Site     Industrial and Systems Engineering  Dr. Martin Cala Program Site     Mechanical Engineering  Dr. Hazel Marie Program Site       Master of Science in Nursing         Clinical Nurse Specialist-Chronic Illness Care  Dr. Valerie O'Dell Program Site     Nurse Anesthetist  Dr. Nancy Wagner Program Site     Nurse Education  Dr. Valerie O'Dell Program Site     Nurse Practitioner  Dr. Nancy Wagner Program Site     School Nurse  Dr. Valerie O'Dell Program Site       Graduate Certificate Programs       Autism Spectrum and Related Disabilities  Dr. Leah Gongola Certificate Site     Enterprise Resource Planning  Dr. Birsen Karpak Certificate Site     Environmental Studies  Dr. Felicia Armstrong Certificate Site     Health Care Management  Dr. Joseph Lyons Certificate Site     Literature for Children and Young Adults  Dr. Steven Brown Certificate Site     Nurse Education  Dr. Valerie O'Dell     Post Masters Family Nurse Practitioner  Dr. Patricia Hoyson Certificate Site     Professional Writing and Editing  Dr. Steven Brown Certificate Site     Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)  Dr. Steven Brown Certificate Site     Teaching of Writing  Dr. Steven Brown Certificate Site

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