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 Mission and Vision


The Beeghly College of Education serves Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and beyond as a premier provider of programs that prepare teachers, counselors, educational administrators and practitioners, as well as providing developmental education programs to the YSU community. 

The Beeghly College of Education, within our conceptual framework Reflection in Action, is dedicated to:

  • preparing teachers, counselors and administrators who apply rigorous scientifically-based professional knowledge to contemporary educational practice and issues;
  • facilitating, encouraging and supporting all departments and allied programs in meeting internal and external standards;
  • recruiting, tenuring, promoting and rewarding faculty who demonstrate excellence in teaching, scholarship and service to the university, community and stakeholders;
  • promoting the educational ideals of a democratic and diverse society for candidates and P-12 students, faculty, staff and the community across age, race, class, gender, culture, ethnicity, disability and lifestyle;
  • educating reflective practitioners and leaders who are committed to empowering those whom they serve.



The faculty of the Beeghly College of Education will prepare reflective practitioners who exemplify our conceptual framework, Reflection in Action:

  • The College will become a model of excellence for infusing rigorous scientifically-based research, democratic philosophy, and theory into our professional programs.
  • The College is committed to integrating state and national standards and mandates into our programs.
  • The College will become a leader in technologically enhanced instruction.
  • The faculty members will be valued contributors across local, state, national, and international communities in teaching, service and scholarship.
  • The faculty, staff and students will demonstrate the valuing of human diversity across age, race, class, gender, culture, ethnicity, disability and lifestyle preference.
  • The BCOE faculty and staff will demonstrate vigilance toward the real-world professional needs of our clients and their institutions and will aggressively provide candidates relevant and meaningful learning opportunities to meet those needs.
  • The BCOE will proactively monitor progress toward the ideals of its vision using evidence-based decision making for program evaluation and program change.
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