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What is ContentM?

ContentM is a CMS (content management system) specialized to help departments, professors and offices update the content of their websites without having the technical knowledge of HTML or web design.

Why ContentM?

The acceleration of the Internet has demanded that websites have fresh and current content at all times. Youngstown State University is no exception to the rules. ContentM was implemented by the Office of Marketing and Communications as a campus-wide tool designed to keep our sites up to date and deliver fresh content to our end users and potential students.

Where should I start?

If you are interested in maintaining a page, site or any other area of your website, you should contact Bob Tupaj in Information Technology Services or Ross Morrone in the Office of Marketing and Communications. Once approved by your department chair or dean we will add you with the correct permissions. But first, you should start by reading the documentation contained on this site and watching the training videos.

Click Here to Get Started...

Have ContentM Questions?

Contact Bob Tupaj (x 3220) or YSU web team (student office extension 2973). 

We may ask you to use Join.me, a screensharing website. For more information on Join.me, click here or go to their website.

Login to ContentM

  • User Name = Your YSU e-mail address (ex:bsmith AT ysu DOT edu)
  • Password = Your YSU userID (ex: bsmith)

You can change your password using the Gold Key icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

User settings

Here are instructions if your department is using an approval system for publishing web pages. Page Holding/Approval Process Page Instructions*.

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