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Welcome to the Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology’s webpage.  Use the links on the left to navigate through a variety of pages including information about our faculty and staff, degree programs, course requirements, frequently asked question, award recipients, and related links.

The Mission Statement and Goals of the Department of Psychology

The YSU Psychology Department's mission is to educate students by providing personal contact with experts in numerous psychological disciplines. The faculty members of the Psychology Department accomplish this mission by fulfilling the following roles in the YSU community.

First, through its teaching activities the faculty seeks to make students better consumers of information concerning the science and practice of psychology, and more knowledgeable of the basic principles of affect, behavior, and cognition. The faculty strives to prepare psychology majors for graduate studies and employment in psychology or related fields, and attempts to prepare all students for various aspects of life such as career, health, interpersonal relationships, and parenting.

Second, through its research and scholarship activities the faculty extends the knowledge base and application of psychology. By conducting ethical, judicious, and scientifically-sound research, the faculty makes contributions to science while teaching students basic research skills.

Third, through its service activities the faculty supports Youngstown State University, the local community, and the global community by providing expert resource persons in a full spectrum of psychological disciplines.

The Psychology Department recognizes that teaching, scholarship, and service activities are not necessarily distinct, and that faculty, students, and community members benefit from the synergistic relationship among these job duties.

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