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The CLASS Mission

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences includes nine academic departments and seven interdisciplinary programs, offering 20 majors. Our majors prepare students for careers in the humanities and social sciences or in many cases for    enrollment in graduate and professional programs.

CLASS provides a small liberal arts college experience within the larger University. It offers the faculty involvement and attention of smaller universities and colleges with the advantage of greater breadth of faculty expertise and research and the amenities of a larger campus. At the same time our students have advantages over much larger universities in that they receive close mentoring from full-time faculty and have the opportunities that only graduate students at larger universities have.

Students trained in the humanities and social sciences are in demand by today’s employers who seek graduates with superior communication, problem solving and knowledge integration skills. The ability to gather and evaluate information, use it to find solutions to problems and then communicate the finding to others, are the very skills that define the liberal arts major and prepare our graduates to become engaged local and global citizens in diverse cultural and professional contexts. 

In addition to its traditional majors in the humanities and social sciences, CLASS offers a Bachelor of General Studies degree (BGS). This degree makes it possible for returning students and those who have already completed many hours to use their completed coursework to finish a degree. Our BGS coordinator works closely with these students to help them to degree completion in the most efficient way possible.

CLASS impacts not only students who major in its disciplines but all YSU students through its General Education courses including composition, humanities and social sciences offerings. As such, the broad based education of all YSU students is our primary goal.

You can find out more about our departments and programs by clicking on the specific links.

Dr. Kristine Blair, Dean 

Dr. Jane Kestner, Associate Dean

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