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Welcome Message from the Dean

Shearle Furnish
Founding Dean

Welcome to the pages of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).  CLASS majors prepare themselves not only for a wide range of professional and public service careers ranging from law, higher education, public service, and corporate research to international diplomacy, but also for life-long independent living, broad personal enrichment, pleasure, and effective citizenship.

CLASS makes a large commitment to general education and early advising and can play a powerful role in your first-year success and continuous progress.  CLASS is likely to be a first home for you if you do not immediately declare a major.  Enthusiastically, CLASS embraces this role as a first home and seeks to impart the identity of CLASS student to undeclared majors, to make sure you have an academic home in which to feel welcome and bonded.  That way, you may be more likely at length to identify your major with confidence and pleasure, more likely to declare a major in a CLASS discipline (our nine academic departments and associated programs offer at least twenty major programs of study), to persist, thrive, graduate, and be placed in a career or program of graduate study that pleases and fulfills you.

In CLASS, faculty and students are bonded by centuries-long common traditions of liberal and general education, and by the mission to cultivate citizenship.  It is no exaggeration to say that we are bonded by the common mission to do the work of democracy.  Bound by long common traditions, we foster an atmosphere of fellow-feeling, brotherhood, and community.

Please see more of what CLASS stands for and offers to you by contacting us, visiting us in DeBartolo Hall, or visiting the links from this page.






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