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 Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences

Online Criminal Justice ProgramThe Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences at Youngstown State University offers the following degrees and programs:

In addition, we host a cooperative interactive distance learning program with Cleveland State University for the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. The degree is awarded by CSU; however, students from the Youngstown area are able to take all course work locally at YSU.

Frequently Asked Questions
Department Faculty Members and Research Interests
Department Staff Members
Useful Criminal Justice Related Links
Criminal Justice Minors
Internship Program

Admission and Retention Policy

New freshmen will be accepted directly into the Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences. Former and transfer students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 for admission.

The Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences expects its majors and students enrolled in its courses to engage in legal, ethical, professional, and civil behavior which respects the rights of all persons. Disruptive and inappropriate behavior (as defined in department, college, or University policy) may result in non-acceptance into or removal from the Department as a major or as an enrolled student in one of its courses. YSU requires a 2.0 overall GPA in order to graduate.

Certificate Program - Basic Police Officer Training

The certificate program in basic police officer training is appropriate for persons who are beginning a career in law enforcement. This certificate is considered a starting point in the new officer's education. The certificate serves as an incentive to continue towards an associate or baccalaureate degree. All of the courses needed for the certificate are applicable for advanced degrees. Those courses outside the Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences are introductory courses and require no prerequisites.  Students must complete Police Academy Training (OPOT), Introduction to Criminal Justice, Policing, and Writing I. Students then must complete one of the following courses: Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Philosophy, Applied Pathophysiology, or Criminal Courts.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

The associate degree is considered appropriate for students preparing for employment in many municipal, state and private police agencies as well as those considering employment in local, state, federal, and private correctional facilities. The associate degree also is a stepping stone for those students who plan to go on for a bachelor's degree. The associate degree has three tracks: a police track, a corrections track, and a loss prevention / assets protection track. The program requires 64 semester hours, with 34 hours in general degree requirements, 18 hours in criminal justice core courses, and 12 hours in the selected track.

Core courses for an associate degree include CJUS 2601, 2602, 2603, 3735, and 3719.  There are 18 hours of course work in GERs: ENGL 1550, ENGL 1551, CMST 1545, SOC 1500, PSYC 1560, and an ART/Lit. course. There are 14 hours of required basic related studies: CJUS 1500, PHIL 2625, AHLT 1502, and A&S 2600. Transfer students must take at least 16 semester hours of criminal justice course work at Youngstown State University.  The Associate in Applied Science degree can be completed in four semesters if students average 16 hours per semester.

AAS Curriculum Sheet CJFS-AAS CURRICULUM Rev. 06.11.13

(Old Sheet, for Historic Purposes Only)

Peace Officer Training Academy

YSU's Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences now offers a full-service police academy, Basic Peace Officer Training Academy. Admission to the academy is open to qualified applicants who meet admission standards of YSU and the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission. All instructors in the Academy are certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission and meet all of the requirements to teach in the Basic Police Academy. Students will receive 12 semester hours of credit and a letter from the Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission that will qualify them for certification upon being commissioned. The curriculum consists of a minimum 558 hours of training. Application packets can be picked up at the Academy Office, Cushwa Hall Room 2033.

Internship Program

YSU's  Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences offers an internship experience that provides students with an opportunity to integrate academic studies with the daily operation of a criminal justice agency. Internships also foster the development of networking relationships with practitioners who can assist in procuring future employment. Student interns register for 3 to 12 semester credit hours. Each credit hour requires approximately 45 on-site hours. This program is for seniors. Students completing the Peace Officer Training Academy are not eligible for an internship.

Internship Manual Rev. 10.2013 (PDF)

Bachelor of Science in Applied Science Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice requires a minimum of 124 semester hours. All Bachelor of Science in Applied Science students must complete a minimum of 45 semester hours of criminal justice courses of which 36 semester hours or more must be upper-division courses. This degree can be earned in eight semesters if students average 16 hours per semester.

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 18 hours in criminal justice courses at YSU. All majors must complete the core requirements: CJUS 3735, 2601, 2602, 2603, 3710, 3712, 3715, 3719, and select 12 hours not in their track area. Each major must also complete the courses required in the emphasis area selected.


(Old Sheet for Historic Purposes Only) 

The purpose of each emphasis area is as follows:

  • The program in law enforcement is designed for students preparing for employment in municipal, state, and private agencies; federal law enforcement agencies; administrative positions in municipal or state agencies; or as instructors in police education programs. Courses required: CJUS 3714, 3714L, 3740, 5825, and 4870.
  • The program in corrections is offered for students preparing for a career in probation, parole, or institutional services with either adults or juveniles. Courses required: CJUS 3702, 3702L, 5802, and 4803.
  • The program in legal processes in criminal justice is designed for students preparing for law school, court administration, paralegal work or legal research positions. Courses required: CJUS 3720, 3721, 5825, and 4890.
  • The program in loss prevention / assets protection is offered to students preparing for a career in private security or the protection of assets in corporate, retail, or industrial settings. Courses required: CJUS 3700, 3740, 3751, and 4848.
  • A generalist track is available for transfer students and students seeking a nontraditional area of study such as victims’ rights and juvenile justice. This emphasis area requires advisement approval and 15 hours of upper-division course work.
  • A grade of C or better must be received in each required Criminal Justice and Forensic Science course in order to satisfy the departmental requirements for the degree.

Where can I get more information about the Department of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science?

Attorney Patricia Wagner
pbwagner AT ysu DOT edu

Graduate Coordinator
Dr. John Hazy
jmhazy AT ysu DOT edu

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