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Alumni & Events Management

Alumni and Events Management emphasizes a creative, integrated approach to communicating and maintaining relationships with alumni, students, university friends and family. This approach is accomplished through promoting and strengthening these relationships while upholding academic traditions and university vision. It is also accomplished through the coordination and facilitation of campus, community and national events and academic ceremonies.

Ask Jeff...Jeff Semon, '09 (BSBA), is a current YSU Alumni Society Student Outreach/Engagement Committee member. Below he answers a few questions and offers advice to current and upcoming students.

-What is your best advice for current students majoring in your field of study (which we would also list)?

Remember that Accounting heavily relies on compliance.  Practice obedience to rules and regulations regularly.  Reach out to professionals in your community of interest in Accounting on advice on how to additionally practice in this area.  Seek advice on how to define your role as a professional with respect to the rules and regulation that apply for your area of interest in Accounting. 

-What does being an Alumni Society member mean to you?

Being in the  Alumni Society to me means having a great support network as a professional and as an individual that has needs for interpersonal development.  It is a chance to explore these areas to make yourself a more polished professional and a better person that can make an impact on the community around you.

-In your opinion, what are the best ways to remain involved with YSU after graduation?

I definitely think joining the Alumni Society is a great way to stay in touch with YSU.  I also think it is necessary to volunteer at all stages, student and professional, to make a positive and notable impact with the University and its Alumni.  Remember that YSU Alumni are professionals and it is a mark of distinction if you can impress them.

-How did your major at YSU benefit your job?

My major at YSU gave me the drive to succeed and never give up. Along with the education in required subjects, the faculty and administration were there to develop areas of need that were interpersonal, which is a requirement of all professional positions.

-How do you prefer your communication from YSU?

I think that one of the most awesome things I learned during studies was how to communicate effectively in a nonverbal manner. It is fun and intriguing and YSU is excellent at it.

 -What prompted you to become a Student Outreach/Engagement Commitee member?

I wanted to expand my network in a manner that increases its intangible value to me as a professional and person.  I think that everyone must remember that networks not only provide tangible opportunities but provide intangible opportunities to capitalize knowledge and be a unique asset to your employer and community.

-What is your favorite YSU hangout/memory?

My favorite hangout memory was in Debartolo Hall with classmates before Statistics class for my Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. It happened weekly more than once a week and gave me a chance to form bonds of friendship that shaped my ability to interact socially for life.

-Class you wish you could re-take?

Marketing Communications because the way that technology is rapidly reshaping the way that people and services interact with one another. I think that leveraging technology in a manner that demonstrates strategic agility is fascinating and a major component of achieving this necessary aspect of management.

-What is one class they wish they would have taken or that would have been offered when you were in school?

Nutrition because I am a health conscious person and think exercise is an excellent activity and a healthy diet that fits your fitness goals is very important.

-If you had to choose a mascot for the Alumni Society what would it be?

Kermit the Frog because he has lost his way and the Alumni Society is like a family that can help him find his way back to family and friends.

-If it meant a winning football season, would you go down and do push-ups with the ROTC cadets at each touchdown?


-Pete and Penny have 3 kids, what are their names?

Clohe, Ethan and Anastasia

-What is your funniest or fondest memory of your time at YSU?

Eating delicious buffalo sticks at Inner Circle with my fellow interns at the conclusion of my General Motors Marketing Internship Program.

-What is the most important lesson you learned while at YSU (inside or outside of the classroom)?

Dr. Betty Jo Licata, Dean of the Williamson College of Business Adminsitration and the open door management policy.

-What do you see as the greatest opportunity and also challenge facing YSU today?

The University's connection to the strategic development of downtown to become an integral part of student life.

Youngstown State University's 145-acre urban campus is one of the nation's most attractive and among Ohio's safest.  (Data: YSU Fast Facts)

Alumni and Events Management Facebook Group


Spring is upon us and there are some exciting things going on at the Office of Alumni and Events Management. A new volunteer group has been formed in an effort to focus on student initiatives and activities - the YSU Alumni Society Student Outreach/Engagement Committee. Committee members will participate in a variety of events in collaboration with the Office of Alumni and Events Management as volunteers and potential career mentors.

If you are interested in serving on the Student Outreach/Engagement Committee, click here for an application. Please mail completed applications to: YSU Office of Alumni and Events Management, One University Plaza, Youngstown, Ohio 44555. (For additional information, please call 330.941.3497).

The Office of Alumni and Events Management is collaborating with Career Services to form the Alumni Career Mentor Program.  This program will allow interested students to be matched up with alumni who are in their chosen work field.  Once matched up, they can network, job shadow, and seek career advice.  The Alumni Career Mentor Program can also lead to other career-oriented and networking events with students and alumni. If you're looking for, or interested in becoming a career mentor, please contact our office at 330.941.3497.

Lastly, please check out our flickr account where you'll find archived photos of alumni gatherings and events! (A permanent link to this site can be found on the left side of this page.)

For additional information on any of our programs or events, please call 330.941.3497 or email alumni AT ysu DOT edu.


The Skeggs Lecture Series presented Dr. Michio Kaku, March 20th, Stambaugh Auditorium, to a sell-out crowd.

The Skeggs Lecture Series presented Dr. Michio Kaku, March 20th, Stambaugh Auditorium, to a sell-out crowd. (Shown here at post-lecture book-signing).

Your Membership Matters! 

A membership to the YSU Alumni Society is an excellent way to stay connected to Youngstown State University!  To sign up online, simply CLICK HERE!


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Alumni and Friends Area Resources

The Office of Alumni and Events Management
Alumni House
One University Plaza
Youngstown, OH 44555
Phone: 330.941.3497

Email: alumni AT ysu DOT edu

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